"I started seeing Joni in 2008 because I had severe PMS. 
I noticed such a HUGE difference right away that I continued getting treatment for my ADD.  What a difference!
Joni saved my marriage, she is truly a gifted healer." D.S.

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Worsley Five Element Acupuncture
How Does it Work and What Does it Treat?

Worsley Five Element Acupuncture (WFEA) works with natural law to restore balance and harmony within a person so that any symptoms they are troubled by will subside and they will return to health.  Worsley Five Element Acupuncture does this in a unique and effective way by diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of disease, which we refer to as the Causative Factor (CF). In other words, the CF is the root cause of symptoms of disease whether it is physical, mental or emotional. 

In ancient times acupuncture was used preventatively.  This theory holds true today as many people who "feel fine" benefit from WFEA and find that they "have more energy" or "can think clearer" or "feel more like myself".  Furthermore, many people use it as a tool for self discovery and change.  That said, the world we live in today is a very different world than it was in ancient times.  The main causes of disease today are different from the main causes of disease thousands of years ago.  Still, acupuncture is very effective on chronic conditions that western medicine often looks at managaing rather than resolving.  Although there are additional and different stresses than those in ancient times, we as humans are at our core, still humans.  Therefore, because WFEA is truly a holistic approach, anyone with potentially any symptom whether of body, mind, or spirit can benefit from WFEA. 

Moxa, or Artemisia vulgaris, is an ancient medicial herb from the mugwart family.  Prior to needling (and sometimes instead of needling) Moxa is place on acupuncture points and removed when there is a sensation of warmth.  Moxa stimulates the circulation of chi, bringing energy closer to the surface and more accessable to the needle.  Patients find the use of moxa to be calming and relaxing.
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